About Us


Through Ask a Question, you get to ask IIT Bombay Professors conceptual doubts that you have in the fields of engineering and science. A panel of instructors from IIT Bombay will be available at a designated time and will try to answer any questions you ask on topics that are previously announced on our website, http://ask.co-learn.in/

Our objective

  • To share the expertise of distinguished IIT Bombay faculty members
  • To create a forum amongst learners from different disciplines across the country
  • To empower learners in the fields of engineering and science
  • To help working professionals update their knowledge
  • To raise the standard of engineering education in India


Contact us:

Ask A Question, IIT Bombay

email : 3t.aaq@iitb.ac.in

Phone No. - 022 2576 4903

Mobile No. 08655605614


So, get ready to ask your questions… we will try to give you the answers

Every Question Matters!